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REVIEW: The Rabbit Hole

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe
The lovely little Rabbit Hole café.
I'm a little bit behind in posting my blogs since this review comes from a few weeks ago when we went out for breakfast on the Royal Brisbane Show holiday. I had a Entertainment Book voucher for The Rabbit Hole café at Seven Hills and had heard good things so decided me and Mr. Cakes would walk over and see for ourselves.

It was a bit of a walk but I thought it would be a good idea to make some room for what we were about to eat. The Rabbit Hole sits on The Corso at Seven Hills, nestled amongst a cluster of restaurants and cafés. We were lucky enough to have lovely weather and there was also a cat that let me pet him at the restaurant next door so things were definitely off to a good start. Admittedly, the cat was pretty indifferent to attention but he still let me pet him.

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe homemade goods
A selection of the treats available at the front counter.

It was pretty busy at the café but we got a table straight away in the sun up on the patio area. I fretted about being too warm and eyed off a table in the shade but Mr. Cakes fretted about getting cold and reckoned I was just a little warm because of the walk. We stayed put.

The service at The Rabbit Hole is counter service so I made my way inside to order and was very impressed with the efficiency of the girls behind the counter. Coffees were being made and going out to tables quickly, which I thought boded well. The lady who took my order was very friendly and also displayed the same efficiency.

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe staff at work
Efficient service like a well oiled...cake tin. A buttered and floured cake tin.
Mr. Cakes ordered the Big Breaky with fried eggs, bacon, chipolata sausages, hash browns, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and home made chutney ($25)  with a side of haloumi ($6) and a Pina Colada frappe ($9.50) which was coconut water, pineapple, banana, lime and coconut flakes. I agonized over my choice, whether to get the Haloumi Bruschetta or the Potato Hash cakes which both sounded amazing but ended up going with the Classic Pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream ($19). The pancakes can come with bacon or strawberries and I went with strawberries as well as a side of hash browns ($5). And for a drink, I got a caramel milkshake ($7.50). All prices had a 15% public holiday surcharge on them. You could probably figure out what the normal prices are but I'm bad at maths so I'll leave that up to you.

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe caramel milkshake
My non-caramel caramel milkshake
My milkshake came out quickly. The texture was good, and it tasted really ice-creamy which is also good but I think that there was a mistake because it didn't really taste like caramel. It tasted like there was no syrup in it at all, just milk and ice cream. I still drank it all.

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe a little less caramel milkshake
For some reason I didn't get a photo of Mr. Cakes' frappe so here's another photo of the milkshake.
After a short delay, Mr. Cakes frappe came out and the waitress was very apologetic for the short delay which I think is really nice. We weren't bothered and the delay wouldn't have even been worth mentioning except for the fact that it was nice to see that they were aware of timings. The two girls serving the patio area were really nice and one of them had the most infectious laugh! Service at The Rabbit Hole was certainly a standout.

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe pancakes
The amazing pancakes! The hash browns look a little out of place but I sorted that out. I ate them.
Our breakfasts came out really quickly too and oh my god. These pancakes! They were some of the best I've had outside of Mr. Cakes' pancakes. They tasted so sweet and I could really taste the vanilla in them. And they came with cream AND ice cream. And it was real, quality maple syrup. I destroyed them. And I'm still thinking about them. They were fluffy and sweet and awesome. I love them. If you go, you have to get them. Or get someone at the table to get them so you can steal some. The hash browns I got on the side were really crispy too and didn't taste like oil which they sometimes can. They were crunchy and delightful.

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe a little less pancakes
Look at that fluffiness. That's good texture.
I was so impressed with my pancakes that I am tempted to lie about what Mr. Cakes said about his Big Breaky. He said it was "okay" and "ordinary". However, I offer to you the following mitigating circumstances about his critique: 1. look for yourself at the photo of the Big Breaky, it looks awesome! It was huge and the portion sizes were really generous so there can't be any complaints there and 2. he said the following when we were walking home - "I'm not going to go out for breakfast anymore, it's all the same.". Does that sound like someone whose judgement of breakfast you want to trust? No. I think it looked amazing and the bits I stole tasted really good so from now on, I'll ignore him and ensure I eat some of his to give you an honest opinion. He's really bad at sharing so that should be amusing as well.

Cassie Cakes Review of The Rabbit Hole Cafe the big breaky
The controversial Big Breaky. Looks pretty amazing to me! And look! It's an action shot! Salt.
So I really liked The Rabbit Hole. The service was quick but they didn't rush us, everyone who worked there was smiling and friendly, the pancakes were AMAZING, portions were generous and I left very content. All the meals that came out of the kitchen looked good and our dining neighbours got the Potato Hash cakes and next time I go, I will definitely be ordering that! They looked really good! And since I forgot to use my aforementioned voucher, I have another reason to return!

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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  1. Ohhhhh! I have a Rabbit Hole in Agoura Hills and I love it so so much! I don't think their menu has the pancakes though :( booo! Great review :D


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