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REVIEW: Our Haus

Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus
Here's the sign for Our Haus...not the greatest photo but anyway. Now you've seen the sign,
Last weekend, we woke up and got out of bed before 9 which is a bit of an accomplishment. We were due at breakfast with Mr. Cakes' lovely family. We walked the short distance to Bungalow 4171 to meet our fellow diners with 6 of us planning to eat. Unfortunately, when everyone arrived, we were told it would at least be 20 minutes until they would be able to seat us and that there were few tables large enough to accommodate us. It was a bit of a shame as I hadn't been to Bungalow 4171 for a while and was keen to try their new menu.

So instead we went to Our Haus on Riding road. We've been to Our Haus so many times as it's so close to us and we're always satisfied, especially with their serving sizes. They have recently changed owners in the last few months, so I was curious to see if things have changed. We were seated straight away and had menus as well as water for the table promptly. The services is always very attentive.

Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - winter sun
Our table in the lovely winter sun.

We were seated in a pleasant seat in the dappled winter sun and drinks were ordered! For drinks, we ordered one pineapple juice ($4.50), two Haus Frappes Fusions both for $6.50, two cappuccinos ($4 each) and for me...can you guess? Yep! A large caramel milkshake ($5.90).

Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - pineapple juice
The pineapple juice being all ananas-y.

The pineapple juice is from a bottle, not freshly juiced so it's nothing extra special but pineapple juice is pretty special anyway, right? One of the frappes was Mango Lime and the other was a rather exciting sounding Copacabana, which is pineapple, lime and mint. By reports, they were very good! The Copacabana looked particularly good.
Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - our haus frappes
The Copacabana on the left and mango lime on the right. Look at that pineapple juice in the background, pulling focus. YOU'VE HAD YOUR TURN, PINEAPPLE JUICE!
The coffees were good and nicely presented. They did look a tad small to me but I don't even drink coffee so I'm not sure how much of a right I have to judge.
Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - a pretty coffee
A pretty little coffee. Is that called crema on the top? It's good looking froth anyway.
Now, down to the serious business. My milkshake. You should know I take dairy VERY seriously. Ice cream, and ice cream derivatives of which milkshakes are one, is my jam! They're my bae! They're my BFFs! And I ain't even joking.
Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - caramel milkshake
It is a nice looking milkshake, I have to give it that. Ohh I see you pineapple juice! Go home, you're drunk!
So this milkshake...I gotta say. Meh. It's flavour was alright, I can't complain but it didn't knock my socks off. It was okay. The texture though? Mmm. Not that great. I couldn't even say it was like thick milk. It was like milk. And I would have liked a bigger one,(that's what he said!) but I think I might say that about every milkshake. So I don't know, overall, milkshake was meh.

Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - very big breakfast
That is a big Big Breakfast hey!
The milkshake did not ruin my experience though! Because here came breakfast! First up was the big breakfast at $21.90 It came with the standard big breakfast items - bacon, eggs, toast, mushrooms, wilted spinach, hash browns, grilled tomatoes and sausages. The usual suspects. But then there was a steak! A nice bit of steak! I don't think I've seen that outside a country pub and I think it was very much appreciated! It was just that little bit extra. Good work, Our Haus.
Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - eggs benedict
This is the Eggs Benedict with the extra haloumi and the second one is there in the left corner too!
Next up were two Eggs Benedict with bacon ($18.90) and one with an extra side of haloumi ($6). The eggs benedict at Our Haus also comes with avocado as standard too, which is another nice touch. The hollandaise sauce was tasty and the eggs were poached very well. The side of bacon was very generous and I have to say I got a little bit of bacon-envy. Happens. The haloumi was cooked well and not greasy as it can be. Both of the eggs benedict were well received.

Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - gym junkie
The healthy breakfast option - The Gym Junkie!
Two servings of the Gym Junkies ($18) were ordered, with the Gym Junkie being an egg white omelette with mushroom and sweet potato served with rocket and spinach on top with a extra side of toast ($4). I didn't see any rocket on the plate though, even though its stated on the menu. I don't think that was particularly devastating. It was cooked well and the sweet potato went well with the omelette. It's nice to see such a healthy option on a menu that is also a hot dish.

Cassie Cakes Review of Our Haus - eggs riding
Looks good hey! I like the little pumpkin crisp.

Finally, I had Eggs Riding ($16) with a side of hash browns ($4). One of my hash browns was pilfered by Mr. Cakes but since I'm so good at sharing, I didn't mind. I really liked the dish, with pumpkin and wilted spinach and I swapped out poached eggs for scrambled. It all worked well together and presented nicely. The tomato compete and little pumpkin crisp on top was a nice touch too!

I like Our Haus because it can always be relied upon for a decent breakfast. The restaurant achieves what it sets out to: it's a nice, simple suburban café. It's not a place for fancy, haute cuisine but it doesn't want to be. It's my neighbourhood café where we can rock up and get a table pretty much straight away.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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