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REVIEW: Sassafras Canteen

Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
Will you look at that sky!
On a fresh spring day, what better thing to do than brunch. And on a leisurely weekend, there's no reason to stay local so off we traveled to the other side of the city to try a café that's been on my must-try list forever and a day. Sassafras, the pronunciation of which I found inordinately difficult, sits on a bend on Latrobe Terrace right in the middle of Paddington. Parking was a little sparse and as such, we parked at the bottom of a basically 90 degree incline and used mountain goats to scale the sheer cliff face of suburban Paddington.
Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
Lovely courtyard.
Once we'd thanked the Sherpa's, we made our way to the café. A cute shop with a awning and some stools at the front, the outside appearance belies the size of the building, with rooms leading on to rooms and back into a spacious, leafy courtyard. We took a couple of menus and sat down at a well-worn wooden table, complete with knee rugs. In the crisp morning air, with dappled sunlight over our table, we really felt like we had found a suburban oasis.
Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
Hey table. Hey bench. Meet my butt.
After perusing the abundant breakfast menu and making some very challenging decisions, we went up to the counter to order. The staff behind the counter were very helpful and were able to help us narrow down our choices. We returned to our table and soon after, drinks arrived, with the waitress who dropped them off curiously apologising for the totally appropriate wait.

Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
You might as well leave, juice. Ain't no one looking at cho.
Sassafras have so many cold drink options with smoothies, shakes, iced drinks and juices. For drinks, we ordered a Freshly Squeezed Beetroot, Orange, Carrot and Ginger juice for $7, which is lovely if you like beetroot in your juice and a Caramel Thickshake for $8. And here's the bit I've really been excited about telling you about. I am going to try to refrain from too many capitals and exclamation marks...BUT I'M NOT PROMISING ANYTHING! This shake was so flipping good! It was thick! It was flavourful! It was cold! It. Was. HUGE! I couldn't finish it. Seriously, can you remember a time when that happened? Because I can't. And I've known me all my life. Delicious. Creamy. Perfection. Do I need to tell you where this shake rates on the Cassie Cakes Milk Bar?
Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
This is my porn.
Getting a shake that right put them at peak position for me. Sassafras had no where to go now but down. Our food arrived soon after and it looked as though Sassafras were not scare of lofty heights. We ordered two dishes, sharing both and they were both presented wonderfully. We started with savory, Potato, Feta & Mint Rostis with Poached Egg, Onion Relish, Mushroom, Tomato and Rocket Salad for $19. The rostis were delicious with what I think was semolina on the outside to make them extra crisp. There were flecks of mint which gave a fresh burst in the mouth. The relish and mushrooms were good too, I could have used some more mushrooms but since they weren't the hero of the dish anyway, what can you expect. The egg was also well poached with not yucky clear bits. It was a solid dish.
Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
If I can eat fried potato at breakfast, I'm happy.
Because life is all about balance, we had the Belgian Waffles, Lemon Curd, Vanilla Ricotta and Fresh Passionfruit for $16. Plus, a side of ice cream for $2 cos this ain't my first time at the rodeo, son! The waffles were light and airy, not doughy and overly dense as some waffles can be. I wouldn't have minded if there were a touch more cooked, as the outside was a bit soft but as my friend pointed out, we did eat them second so they may have softened.The ricotta was lovely but I think I would have missed the ice cream if we hadn't ordered it. The lemon curd was tart and a perfect accompaniment. Again, it was a lovely breakfast treat.
Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
And in the morning, I'm making WAFFLES!
I have to say, Sassafras has got to be one of the best breakfast places I've been to. It was comfortable, welcoming, the food was great and the shake was the best thing that's happened to me since Sam chose Snez on this years season of The Bachelor. #SamandSnez4eva. I thoroughly recommend making a visit to see for yourself. 

Sassafras Canteen Cassie Cakes Review
#CasseieandThickshake4eva... how cute are the ice cream rings!
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 4.5/5

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