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REVIEW: Statler & Waldorf

Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
The Statler & Waldorf
Okay. So what's the deal with hipsters, right? With their moustaches and beards and tattoos and bikes and coffee, food trucks, gourmet burgers, pop up everything, craft beers, Ray Bans, skinny jeans, indie bands, pulled pork, artisanal and organic hipsters are just people into good food, good music and fashion? Yeah, they are. And guess what. You're probably a hipster too. Oh no? You're not? You're really, really not? You just appreciate good beer and are growing a moustache for Movember even though it's March and goodness, who doesn't love pulled pork?
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
Also Statler & Waldorf
What I'm saying is, there is no such thing as a hipster. We're just using this loose, umbrella term to cast dispersions on anyone who might seem a bit cool or has particular interest. Chill out, relax, you're cool too! We're all hipsters and we're all not hipsters! Put aside that term, stuff labels. Enjoy good food! And here is my segue to my review. You see, in reading about Statler &Waldorf, a newish gastopub on Caxton Street, the word 'hipster' kept popping up. And yes, Statler & Waldorf is rather cool with a working fireplace and extensive seasonal menu, not the mention the craft beers. But it's also very comfortable and casual.

Named after the classic cranky characters from The Muppets, Statler & Waldorf has been open since late 2013. A gastropub is nothing new, they were huge when I lived in London years ago but the term seems to be uncommon in Brisbane. It simply means a pub that has good food! So we choose Statler & Waldorf for lunch on a recent Saturday. The interior of Statler & Waldorf  is great, with a giant portrait of the namesakes hanging over the fireplace, a large bar and plentiful seating both in and out. And in a Brisbane summer, inside is mercifully air conditioned.
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
Look at that crispy skin! Drool.
We jumped straight to mains and first up was a daily special, the Roast Whole Spatchcock with Mushroom Ragu & Truffle Mustard. At $32, it was tied for the most expensive item on the menu but when it came out, I could see why. Actually, I could smell why. It smelt spectacular. With whole mushrooms, crispy skin and a delicious truffle mustard on top, I had serious ordering envy. It was cooked really well and the flavours were divine. I could have easily stolen it.
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
This photo is focusing on the co-star, not the leading lady but the tart doesn't mind, she confidant enough to pull this off.
For the vegetarians amongst us, the Caramelised Onion, Artichoke & Roast Garlic Tart with Parsley Sauce ($20) was ordered. It was nice to see a vegetarian option that wasn't gnocchi. The tart was nice and complimented by both diners but I didn't see any parsley sauce and the tart seemed a little dry without it.
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
You're alright, salad but don't try and come to me as a main meal.
Next was the Beets & Apple Salad with Baby Spinach, Goat Cheese & Fregola. It was the least expensive thing on the menu at $16 so that could be why it was a little small but I would have been disappointed if it was my main. But, I also wouldn't have ordered it cos I'm a hungry, hungry hippo. There were a generous amount of beetroot and the goats cheese was lovely, it could have been beefed up with a bit more fregola. For a light option or side dish or a person who isn't always ravenous.
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
Them some nice sausages. I'm not making any puns, I'm bigger than that...that's what he said! *ba boom tish!*
Back to meaty fare with the Billy's Pork Sausages with Lemon & Olive Oil Mash, Cider & Pink Peppercorn Sauce ($23). The mash was great, lovely and smooth with great flavour from the olive oil. The sausages were huge too, so I think this dish was quite good value. The pink peppercorn sauce looked to be more of a salsa and the pairing was described as unusual but not bad.
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
This is a pie! ohhh yeah!
The next dish was another one from the specials board, the Pork & Porcini Pie with Crispy Quinoa & Almond Salad ($22). This was another good value meal, the pie was huge. The meat was of a good quality, not fatty as some pie meat can be and the gravy in the pie was delicious, as was the pastry. This was a winner all round!
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
Bugs are weird looking.
Mr. Cakes ordered the Corned Brisket & Moreton Bay Bug with Horseradish Slaw & Pernod Butter ($32). The brisket was really tender and just fell apart. The slightly saltiness was fantastic. The Moreton bay bug tasted good, but the texture was slightly off, not firm-ish like they usually are. The surprise star of the dish was the coleslaw! The heat of the horseradish was perfect and it balanced well with the meat.
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
Maybe the sunflowers has some sort of invisible cloaks. Tiny little seed cloaks.
I ordered the Salt Baked Salmon with Watercress, Grapefruit Curd & Sunflower Seeds ($26). The salmon was amazing, flaky and a little pink inside which I love. The grapefruit curd was a little bit citrusy which went so well with both the salmon and watercress. I didn't spot any sunflower seeds though but I didn't miss them either. There was no skin with the salmon, which is what I would have expected with salmon that was salt baked but it did keep the meal lighter.
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
Maybe I love chips so much as they're just a vehicle for salt...
We also got a number of serves of the Beer Battered Chips with Aioli and Sweet Potato Wedges with Organic Raita, both $10. The sweet potato wedges really delicious. They were in the style I've noticed a lot of sweet potato chips are lately with ridges the length of the chip, is there some sort of sweet potato chip fashion trend?  Not that this is a bad thing! The regular chips were amazing. A good chip, sweet potato or otherwise is a thing of beauty!
Cassie Cakes Review of Statler & Waldorf
The moth attacked from those curtains - dive bombed me! I went to ground and retreated and sent someone else up to get me a win this one, moth.
The menu at Statler &Waldorf was a great example of gastropub fare, with new takes on old classics, using organic and local produce where they can. I did get attacked by a MASSIVE MOTH, much to the amusement of everyone in the bar but I won't hold that against them. I swear, that moth came straight for me. They know how much I hate them.

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

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