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The outside of Revolver with a very active message board.
The last place I visited while in Sydney was the very trendy Revolver - a café in the lovely suburb of Annandale. We popped in while en route to the airport for me to fly back home. We had hoped to get to an ice cream shop in the city that I very badly wanted to visit but time was running out. We decided breakfast was a priority.

Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Bar Brisbane Blog Food
The ornate antique bar.
Revolver is situated in a beautiful old building, built to be a pub but due to the protests of the local citizens back in the 1890's, functioned as a corner store instead before being transformed into it's current state of a contemporary and popular café. I've read online that there's a guaranteed wait to get a table on the weekends but we had our choice of tables on the Sunday morning we stopped in. After a little musical tables, we decided to sit inside.

Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Bar Brisbane Blog Food
The working fireplace.

Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Coffee Brisbane Blog Food
All of the plates and crockery were mismatched vintage. Lovely.

The interior is very cool with mismatched tables and chairs as well as a working fireplace! The menu was extensive with lots of exciting options including a number of daily specials. The staff were efficient and once we'd ordered, drinks came out followed closely by our meals. For drinks, we ordered a fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh squeezed water melon (both $5.5), a coffee ($4.50) and for myself, a old fashioned caramel milkshake ($5.50). Both the juices were fresh, as promised, however there were a little warm and there was no ice to put in the juices. In summer, I think this would be a little more perturbing than it was in spring.

Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Fresh Squeezed Juice Brisbane Blog Food
Both of the fresh squeezed juices.
The milkshake was really good and I absolutely smashed it. The flavour was good and there was a definitely quality caramel taste. As with most milkshakes, I wish it was a little thicker. I should have gone the extra $0.50 and gotten a thick shake but I didn't see that option til after I ordered.
Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Eggs Benedict Brisbane Blog Food
The Eggs Benedict with that luscious hollandaise sauce.
The first meal to come out on a gorgeous vintage plate was the Eggs Benedict with Bacon instead of ham ($16.50). The bacon and eggs sat on a bed of baby spinach with a generous serve of hollandaise sauce on top. It was beautifully served, however another slice of sourdough to go with the second egg would have been welcome. As it was, it was still filling and delicious. 
Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Carrot Haloumi Fritter Brisbane Blog Food
The fritter is literally the size of a plate.

Next, on another lovely vintage plate, was the massive Haloumi and Carrot Fritter ($17.50). It came with smoked salmon, minted yoghurt, beetroot puree and wild rocket. This fritter was absolutely huge. The haloumi was cut up and cooked into the fritter, not on the side. It was absolutely delicious. I tried some and had a little bit of ordering envy. The beetroot puree and minted yoghurt both paired well with the carrot and haloumi. It was an inspired dish and good for something a little bit different.
Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Avo Eggs Brisbane Blog Food
Avo and eggs on a darling plate. Good fluffy eggs.
The Avo Eggs ($15.50) was a more classic option, with scrambled eggs, avocado, roast tomato, Danish fetta, rocket, salsa verde and sourdough toast. This was also very generous and eggs were cooked well. The tomato could have been cooked for a touch longer but it was not raw like some cafes sometimes serve. This was a simple dish, not mind-blowing but satisfying.
Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Brekkie Tagine Brisbane Blog Food
The amazing Brekkie Tagine.
I'm been pretty taken with the trend of breakfast tagines so couldn't go past the Brekkie Tagine ($17.50) from the specials board. This was a dish of slow roasted lamb, caramelised onion, baby spinach, Danish feta and baked eggs. It was presented on a large board in a cast-iron pan and it was huge. The lamb was tender and the saucy meat went well with the salty feta. It was all absolutely delicious with the yolks stirred in and melting cheese on crusty sour dough. I won the ordering game. Highly recommended if you visit. 
Cassie Cakes Sydney Review Revolver Cute Dog Brisbane Blog Food
Look at this little guy! He wanted to know what was happening inside SO BAD!

Revolver is a great little café with friendly, efficient staff and a good mix of classic and new dishes. It has a great choice of indoor and outdoor seating in a nice, leafy location. Great for all day breakfast catch ups or on your way to go back home to Brisbane!  I had a great time, eating around Sydney with almost exclusively good experiences! Can't wait to go back!

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

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